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Your Agent ORG

YORG AI is a US-based startup.

We build AI Agents that perform coding-intensive tasks, such as data analysis and software development.

Building an agile and reliable AI workforce that perform industrial-grade work. 

Helping enterprise create an "agile workforce" that is ready for both today and tomorrow.

Our Mission

Meet The Founders

Harry He

CEO & Founder

Previously at Harvard University, exploring the History of Science and Technology.

B.A. Swarthmore, 2021.

Vince Chen

CTO & Founder 

Previously at Microsoft (Azure) and Duolingo.

B.S. Univ. of Washington, 2020.

Dr. JW Xiong

CSO & Co-Founder 

Previously at Merck.

Ph.D. UC Davis, 2022.

B.S. Tsinghua Univ., 2014.

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